Automate Your Cold Emails & Follow-ups

Put your sales process on autopilot with effortless drip marketing.

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Compatible with Gmail, Office365, Exchange or any other email provider.
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Built for companies, large and small, Replyify is free to start and affordable as you grow. A modern sales platform to automate your Account Based Marketing and create more opportunities.

Drip email campaign sequences are the most efficient way for Account Executives, Sales Development, Demand Generation, Recruiters, Financial Planners, VPs and CEOs to close more deals.

Sell Like a Robot

Replyify automates your pipeline activities to match the way you sell in real life with emails, phone calls and social selling.

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Quick Setup, Full Control

Connect ANY email account (Gmail, Office365 & more). We're integrated directly with Salesforce CRM.  (Zapier too!!)

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Personal & Customized Emails

Emails are automatically customized with the prospect's info and sent right from your inbox, not ours (psst-this increases deliverability).

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More Leads, Less Work

Send more prospecting emails, book more meetings, and close more deals with an All-In-One Platform you and your team will actually use. Get started for FREE!

Unlimited Follow-ups

Schedule your follow-up emails to deliver over time and we'll automatically pause the campaign sequence when your prospect replies.

Know What Happens After You Click Send

Get notified the instant a prospect opens or clicks your email so you can respond with the right message, to the right lead, at the right time, on the right device.

Close Deals Faster

Never forget to follow-up again with our 'Smart' reminder system. Send multi-touch email campaigns that deliver new leads and appointments right to your inbox.

One-click integration

No complicated software to learn or IT department approvals required to get started.
Replyify works EVERYWHERE: Gmail, Office365, Exchange or any other email host.

Sales prospecting email software platform integrated with Zapier, Salesforce, GMail, Office365, SMTP, IMAP, and CRM.
Free to start. Affordable as you grow.

An all-in-one inside sales software to help businesses - big and small - build, manage and accelerate their sales processes. Try it free

Success Stories

"Pretty impressive first day and can't recommend this product enough!  Replyify really simplifies the cold email process without making the prospects feel like they're being targeted by a mass campaign."

Photo of Marc Entrepreneur Marc Entrepreneur

"It's nice to finally get my questions answered quickly from a real person who actually provides best practices. I've tried similar platforms and all responses where auto replies that never addressed my question."

Photo of Ray Sr. Account Executive Ray Sr. Account Executive

"Replyify works very well for email outreach and is very cost effective compared to other solutions. The team provides excellent support with quick responses to any help requests."

Photo of John Wood Business Development Manager John Wood Business Development Manager

"Replyify is the tool that provides the foundation for our email marketing initiatives. The company provides expert level advice that we use to gain an advantage in the arena in which we compete. We tested several other platforms and Replyify does what others cannot."

Photo of Joe - President Joe President

"After switching to Replyify our emails don't go to spam anymore like they did with our previous provider."

Photo of Jeremy Cheif Revenue Officer Jeremy CRO

"It's simply a joy to navigate a properly designed interface, with every screen and response making perfect sense. Congrats!"